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Andrew Minto - Joint Managing Director

Andrew Minto

A holiday to the USA with my family when I was 16 sparked my interest in travel and I've never looked back since. Many years on and I am a joint owner of a successful and reputable travel business since 2006. I have been fortunate enough to see most of the world throughout my career and I really enjoy planning holidays for my clients to have awesome travel experiences themselves. Trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, South America, and my recent expedition cruise to Antarctica are two of my travel highlights.

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Georgette Southam - Joint Managing Director

Georgette Southam

I began work in the travel industry 22 years ago and have travelled to many destinations around the world as a single person, with my husband and with my two children. Travelling with your 'greatest assets' needs to be well planned for all to have an enjoyable time. My goal is to assist wherever possible to give you memories to last a lifetime! As for my favourite holiday memories, the Pyramids of Giza are truly breathtaking and I loved my family holiday to Fiji.

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Darienne Hunter - Senior Travel Advisor

Darienne Hunter

I've been so incredibly lucky to have travelled to some amazing destinations during my 30-year career in the travel industry. From swimming with friendly sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, to cruising on the Mekong and visiting the local villages - I enjoy experiencing new adventures and cultures. I love to work with my clients to make sure that they have the most amazing and memorable holiday experience ever! My mantra is "Get out there and enjoy the wonders of the world", and if I had to pick a favourite destination, I would say anywhere in the Indochina region.

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Lee Simcoe - Senior Travel Advisor

Lee Simcoe

Travelling the world has been my passion since an early age. From finding untouched beaches in every corner of the world, to trekking through mountains, exploring ruins and ancient sites - I relish the chance to travel anywhere that it's possible to travel to. And, of course, making the most of the culinary experience that goes with it!

Travel was the only career I ever considered, fulfilling my desire to create amazing itineraries for anyone wishing to travel - whether they are solo travellers, couples or families who want to be able to experience what our world can offer.

My favourite destinations are South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. One of my favourite places is Mancora Beach in northwest Peru. It's an unbelievable hidden surf spot with the best ceviche ever!

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Natalie Pease - Mobile Travel Advisor

Natalie Pease

0421 964 061

Travel has been my life and love for over 20 years now. I spent some time living in London after completing university to travel and work. I have worked in a managerial role, but with the pandemic I diversified and became a Mobile Travel Advisor. I still enjoy the exhilaration of creating a client’s dream holiday.

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Simone Berryman - Mobile Travel Advisor

Simone Berryman

0416 243 309

Having worked in the travel industry for many years, I have had the opportunity to travel to some amazing destinations all around the world! I love learning about the diversity of cultures and have had some very memorable experiences. It is always rewarding to help turn my client’s holiday dreams into reality and build friendships with them along the way. 

A travel highlight would definitely be my visit to South Africa and Zambia. Victoria Falls is a natural wonder you just have to see, and sipping a G&T whilst cruising down the Zambezi River is one of life's unforgettable experiences.

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Megan O'Sullivan - Marketing Coordinator

Megan O'Sullivan

My love affair with travel began with my post HSC ‘schoolies' trip to Bali at 18 years of age! The chance to learn about other cultures, see amazing sights and have unique experiences all around the world captured my imagination and I was hooked immediately! After over 20 years creating getaways and organising group tours all around the world, I now combine my love of travel with marketing as the marketing coordinator at Home and Afar Travel. My most memorable travel experience was trekking in Rwanda (four hours through jungle and up a mountain!) to see Mountain Gorillas in the wild. It was super special and still gives me happy tingles thinking of it.

Kylie Amos - Mobile Travel Advisor

Kylie Amos

0448 386 875

I find myself being one of those lucky people that still enjoy my job after nearly 20 years. After studying Tourism at university, I knew this was where my heart truly was. Still to this day I get excited with my client's travel adventures, not knowing where they might lead to.

Winning numerous awards over the years and having travelled to many countries, I feel confident in arranging travel for even the fussiest and most challenging traveller. Not only is it the experience of travel but also the excitement of the lead up to travel which I find very important. Some of my favourite holidays have been to Hawaii, Mexico, Thailand, Western Australia, Ireland and Canada.

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Trudy Chisholm - Mobile Travel Advisor

Trudy Chisholm

0421 884 658

I caught the 'travel bug' from a young age after travelling around Europe and the USA with my parents. From then on I knew I had to have a career in travel.

Here I am now, with over 25 years in the industry, and I feel very lucky to have chosen this path. I've experienced some amazing places and met fabulous people along the way. I love planning and getting caught up in the excitement of booking holidays, but I think one of the best things is hearing from my clients on their return about the wonderful experiences and adventures that they themselves have made.

Every holiday is special. I'm here to listen to my client's needs, wishes and expectations - and make them come true!

Over the years I've been lucky enough to travel to many places including China, Europe, South America, Samoa, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji, Japan and Bali. Most recently I travelled with my husband and children to the USA, it was an amazing trip and the memories made are forever!

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Cath Alston - Mobile Travel Advisor

Cath Alston

0404 312 582

I have been a travel consultant for 20 years and I still love my job. There is so much variety and enjoyment it would be hard not to love it! You never know who’s going to contact you next and where they would like to go.

I have many favourite holiday experiences like swimming with turtles in Savaii, Samoa which was pretty special, and Lake Louise in Canada really does look as beautiful as it does in photos. Also Japan – the people are just so lovely and go out of their way to make your stay special, and the food is amazing!

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