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Thanks for your planning and booking of our most fabulous European vacay. We had a blast bobbing around the pristine waters of Greece - the accommodation in Santorini was breathtaking, the sunset took our breath away and so did the 163 stairs we climbed each day but was worth it! We will definitely be utilising your wonderful skills again. On our last leg Dubai and it’s been worry free on the planes, boats and automobiles.
~ Lisa Towns

Andy is a legend! Went over and above to make things work for us, gave us options, kept searching for better deals even after we had agreed to hold flight bookings. Found us a much better route for a multi leg flight that is going to cut down transit time and give us more holiday time which is what it is all about! You can’t get better deals yourself - these guys know their stuff. Go and see Andy and the team they are the goods.
~ Sam Kolatchew

Just a note of thanks and encouragement. Could not agree more that this is why you need a good travel agent, anyone can do the “I book it all myself online” thing and that may be OK when everything goes to plan, but things do not always go to plan. Keep up the good work, it certainly is character-building times.
~ Kevin Blewitt

Simone is an excellent travel agent – nothing is ever too much trouble. Very professional and helpful in all respects. Wouldn’t think of using anyone else. Five stars!
~ Angela Craig

We have just had a great flight to St Louis via Dallas Fort Worth, arranged by Darienne. The itinerary and all travel arrangements were organised with precision and accuracy, down to a wheelchair access at all airports - this really helped us make our connections. Thank you, Daz and team, I would recommend you every time.
~ Margi Vee

Just had an awesome week in Jordan, snorkelling the Red Sea, floating and mud bathing in the Dead Sea, sleeping and riding camels in the desert, exploring Petra, Jarash and meditation at Mt Nebo. Thank you Kylie Amos for arranging. I just arrived in Jerusalem for the Pilgrimage feeling blessed and excited.
~ Kym McDonald

Andrew booked us and another couple on a complicated 5-week itinerary through the US. Everything was fabulous and I highly recommend this crew. 
~ Frank Menk

Thanks again Darienne for organising travel to and from Europe for our month-long odyssey. The Qatar flights that you organised were very good!
~ Mark Harrison

Thank you, Cath Alston for your efforts in planning an amazing trip for us, everything you organised was perfect and given it was a last minute request to plan our adventure, you managed to pull it all together in a short time frame. Perfect accommodations in ideal locations. Greatly appreciated, we are nearly home, stopover in Sydney, catch up soon. 
~ Natalie Kate

Four-week trip to Europe, all the details were meticulously planned and the trip went smoothly. Had a fabulous time and the suggestions made by Andy all turned out amazingly well. Thanks Andy and the team - your endless patience was outstanding.. 
~ Jason Hollard

This is a great opportunity to thank and commend Trudy. Her efforts in getting us home from Morocco in March 2019 will never be forgotten by us. Especially as time goes on and we realised the situation we may have been in if she hadn’t acted so quickly and efficiently on our behalf. I don’t know who cried more about our situation, me or her! I’m sure she had some collegial and industry support during the whole saga so we’d like to thank you all. Guarantee when the opportunity for us to travel again becomes a reality, we will be returning and supporting the people who supported us!
Kaz and Pete Sheargold

Thanks Simone you are a top-notch travel guru. Thank you for being so meticulous and doing everything possible to make sure our holiday will be the best it can be!
~  Noni Fowler

I would like to recommend Natalie Pease for future Schoolies and their parents. My two daughters are going with Unleashed to Mana Island, Fiji in 2019 and 2020. Natalie was so helpful and full of information - every question myself as a parent or my daughters had was answered promptly and efficiently. As it is very daunting to send your teenager off on a Schoolies trip, Natalie was there every step of the way! As she has experience on these trips as a parent herself, it helped assure us that this was the right trip for our girls. The girls and I went along
to the information night at the Bowling Club. This was extremely helpful, showing videos of past trips which got the kids very excited. Owners of Unleashed presented to us, answered our questions and assured us that this was right for us and our children. After this both girls booked - along with 15-20 of their friends - to have a trip of a lifetime. Natalie organised all the bookings, making the process very easy, efficient and very professional.
~ Helen

Andrew is the best and genuinely has a passion to help achieve your dream holiday. Love your work mate.
~ Robert Baker

This is an excellent travel agent to book with for anyone’s travel arrangements. Excellent service, they attend to your requirements to the best they are able to. First time I’ve come across an agency that client service is above bar.
~ Vaialua Afamasaga

Natalie and her team went the extra mile for us when we really needed help after our original agent in Sydney dropped the ball. Natalie turned our situation around so quickly and efficiently, so we ended up having the skiing holiday in France that we had been looking forward to for so long. No problem was too hard for her to tackle, and she deserves a medal! She even made sure our family of five were all seated together on every flight and found great accommodation near the airport in Switzerland. Can’t recommend her enough. The consummate professional.
~ Chris Day

Kylie Amos you are an amazing travel agent and friend. Upgraded on our flights to Paris. We thank you so much.
~ Amanda Illingworth

Simone, thanks so much for all your hard work, I know that your world would be extremely stressful at this time.
~ Steve Graham

Andrew organised a trip of a lifetime for my two daughters and myself to USA and it was perfect and stress-free. Thanks Andy! 
~ Libby Dedman

Hi Natalie, thank you very much we had a wonderful trip! All the hotels were fantastic and all the traveling between cities went smoothly and all to plan. Thanks for your help on everything, greatly appreciated!
~ Cassie Nicholas

Natalie made our booking for Schoolies easy and stress-free. She arranged an informative and helpful film/information night which answered all worrying questions and put our parents’ minds at ease. Paying for our Schoolies trip was made easy with the ability to pay it off which my friends and I took advantage of. Natalie was always available to answer any questions and made sure our Schoolies trip to Fiji was one to remember.
~ Abbie

Such a great group of agents. Simone has been amazing with my year-long adventure! Would highly recommend this travel agent.
~ Mel B-i

I would recommend this travel agent to everyone. We always make our bookings with Nat and she always chooses the best places to stay. 
~ Bronwyn Lehrle-Giles

Thank you to the wonderful Darienne who helped me organise an emergency trip to Cape Town in record time making it very easy for me and my daughter. Thanks a million.
~ Kirsten Joyner Barberini

Just returned from our holidays which we enjoyed and were again well looked after by Andrew and team. We needed assistance while we were away and received prompt service by the team.
~ Barry Clarke

Fantastic people to deal with especially Natalie Pease. Thanks for all the hard work when I had my health episode you are a very professional agent, totally reliable - thank you so much..
~ Chris, Bob, Greg & Julie Courtney

Mum and I had a brilliant time. The whole experience was faultless from the moment Mum popped into The Junction to talk with Darienne to the moment Peter dropped us safely back to our cars late Saturday night. All of the details were excellent: the inflight service from Qantas and the Antarctic flights team; the food and drinks; the maps, videos and live commentary. Even all the other passengers' convivial attitude contributed to the experience but there was nothing to prepare us for the spectacular sights. We had no idea how clear everything would be and by the end our eyes were aching from all the gazing out the window! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the experience to everyone.
~ Betty Burrows and Elizabeth Krassoi

I would just like to bring to your attention the absolutely incredible job that Natalie Pease does. I have been dealing with Natalie in regards to my holiday to Fiji and needless to say I haven’t been the easiest customer to deal with. I have made several changes to dates, rooms and flights, and Natalie has handled them all extremely professionally and without any hassle. She is without a doubt the most competent, timely and efficient customer service professional I have ever come across. Emails and calls are answered and returned at lightning speed. I haven’t even ever had to go into the branch, she really is that good we’ve been able to deal with it all over email and the occasional phone call. I am now a free walking, talking advertisement for Natalie and your business and have recommended her to countless family and friends as the only travel agent I will ever use. A customer for life.
~ Brook Clement

John and Joshua had a ball. It all went well with no issues at all. Many thanks to you and your wonderful support. You did a fantastic job and I know where my whole family will be coming to if we want to book a trip in the future. Really appreciated your expertise.
Heidi Novosell

Thanks so much again for helping me organise my trip of a lifetime Daz, you are freaking awesome!
~ Karen Regan

Thanks Nat for always being 1) available and 2) amazing.
~ Vick Frost 

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