Las Vegas

Las Vegas

18 Mar 2015 Andrew Minto Travel Stories
Most recently I stayed at New York New York hotel. Built like the high rises of New York with its very own Statue of Liberty, it is a great hotel in an excellent location on the Vegas strip. It even has a roller coaster weaving its way around the building tops!

There is great shopping in Las Vegas, with outlets at both the northern and southern ends of the strip, and designer stores in all hotels.

Be sure to see a show in Vegas. You should prebook for the more popular shows and artists. While you can try for a last minute bargain ticket when you are there, be prepared to wait in line for a while to get a ticket this way. I highly recommend any Cirque de Soleil show, they are spectacular.

A visit to the Grand Canyon is a must and can be easily done from Vegas. If time is short you can do a helicopter flight from Vegas over the Canyon and back. Alternatively you can do a bus trip or hire a car and drive along the infamous Route 66. It's a long trip so you may want to consider an overnight stay at the Grand Canyon. 

Driving through the National Parks and deserts in the US is a great, fun experience especially when you’re sitting in the wrong side of the car and on the wrong side of the road!

A Travelex Money Card is a great, safe way to take your travel money. And you should always take out travel insurance as medical costs in the USA are astronomical so you need to be covered just in case!

Las Vegas

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